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At Fuzion Foodz, we offer a variety of coated/flavoured/roasted dry fruits including cashew nuts, almonds, and kishmish (raisins). Our flavour options include honey til, rose petal double, magic masala, Italian herbs and pudina chilli for our cashews; as well as kala khatta and paan for our kishmish.
All of the dry fruits used in our coated snacks are sourced from only the highest-quality farms in India. We guarantee that they are free from any preservatives or artificial ingredients and are full of natural flavour and crunch!
Of course! Every package comes with an easy-to-read label featuring all the nutritional information you need to know before indulging in our delicious snacks.
Absolutely! All of the ingredients we use to make our flavoured roasted dry fruits have been carefully selected from reliable sources and have passed safety tests according to international standards. Furthermore, we always ensure that our products meet strict hygiene requirements during production and packaging processes so you can enjoy them with peace of mind every time!
We pride ourselves on offering unique flavours that are like no other! The combination of natural ingredients such as nuts and spices give each snack an extra burst of taste that is sure to tantalize your tastebuds! Furthermore, due to our innovative coating process, these snacks remain fresh longer than traditional roasted nuts which ensures maximum satisfaction every time you indulge in one of our delicious treats!