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Buy Flavoured Paan Mukhwas Online In India By Fuzion Foodz

Chewing Paan or scientifically knows as beetle leaves after dinner, is just a habit of every Indian. Paan is made up of the heart shape leaf called a beetle leaf, which is often ignored for the huge amount of health benefits they offer to human beings. Paan flavour is considered a mouth-fresher or a mukhwas, consumed to clean the mouth and have a fresh feeling. Rather than beetle leaf, a typical paan mukhwas contains a pinch of coconut powder, a bit of gulkand, cloves, saunf, and so on; the recipe varies from state to state. Some of the variants contain tobacco and areca nuts, which are harmful and carcinogenic and should be avoided.

At Fuzion Foodz, we have paan flavour mukhwas – paan masala, paan ladoo and other mouth freshener mukhwas. We have the flavoured paan along with rose petals, cloves, coconut powder, and saunf, we add a few delicious components like chocolate to provide a one-stop solution to you, also these ingredients are nutritionally strong, and together they make a healthy combination for your digestion system, which make them a must-have item post-dinner or lunch.

Paan Mukhwas by Fuzion Foodz has a mouthwatering taste and is entirely beneficial for your health as they are filled with nutrients and health benefits that delight your mood and help you with your digestion. Mukhwas mouth freshener help in improving overall health and boost immunity. They provide benefits like weight loss, improved blood sugar control, and an overall healthier heart if consumed in the proper manner and appropriate quantity.

Benefits Of Eating Paan Mukhwas/Paan Masala

There are so many benefits of flavoured paan by Fuzion Foodz, especially for babies. As they are highly nutritious, anti-oxidants, and rich in vitamins, and minerals. Some of the highlighted benefits of consuming paan flavour are as follows:

  • Digestion: Flavoured paan by Fuzion Foodz is the best thing for digestion due to its many components that work to enhance digestion. If you have any kind of stomach trouble, try eating a paan masala, paan ladoo by Fuzion Foodz once in a while. Chewing paan leads to the formation of saliva juices which are essential for digestion.
  • Good for headaches: Beetle leaves are known to cure headaches mainly because of their cooling effects, and it even enhances when mixed with rose petals and coconut powder.
  • Help in maintaining oral hygiene: Flavoured paan mukhwas can help maintain oral hygiene. Because betel leaves contain antibacterial properties which can help counter bad oral hygiene.

Fuzion Foodz is the perfect online one-stop solution to search for natural health products with delicious flavours. Fuzion Foodz is a super food manufacturer in India, including mukhwas, churan and dried fruits.