Rajeev Chopra

– Rajeev, industrialist by profession.
– Proud director of Chopra Stainless industries, Asia’s largest manufacturer in steel sheets (pata patti) from jodhpur (Rajasthan) till date.
– A hard core negotiatior and having a good knowledge of buying products.
– Knows how to manage supportive staff, by providing them healthy environment to get maximum utilization of sources.
– Personally a fun and family loving person with high ambitions in life.

Hardik Salecha

– Mr. Hardik Salecha, again comes from a renowned family from Rajasthan.
– Purely and sincerely involved in forefathers business, in manufacturing of bentonite and other minerals from barmer region in Rajasthan.
– M/s Neelkanth Mineral Industries, Bentonite manufacturing company in Jodhpur, is handled by Mr. Salecha and under the umbrella of family, enjoying India’s first proud and largest owner of bentonite mines in Barmer region.
– Specialized in designing & back office job.
– A hard-working, giving perfection to his job is the style.
– Personally a family oriented boy, loves to enjoy his life.