Dry Fruits Corporate Gifting India

Fuzion Foodz – Get Exciting deals By Most Affordable Dry Fruits Corporate Gifting India for every occasion.

Every occasion has its own beauty and is special in its own way. Let it be Diwali, Holi, new year, Christmas, Raksha-Bandhan, Or any other festival, we share our joys with our loved ones. Fuzion Foodz provides you with the best Dry Fruits Corporate Gifting India for every occasion. With Fuzion Foodz, send them some thoughtful gifts, a token of love, and health. Show them that you care for them and their health is your main priority with Dry Fruits Corporate Gifting India.

We have six amazing combos for your precious moments. Let’s have a look at all of them.

  • Celebration combo pack 56 is exclusively being offered to you for rupees 675 only by affordable Dry Fruits Corporate Gifting India. It includes cashew crackers (80 grams), almond honey til (75 grams), kishmish kala khatta (90 grams), cherry (90 grams), gud chana (65 grams), coated dhana dal (25 grams), mango chaplam (25 grams), rimjhim saunf (25 grams) and jaljeera goli(25 grams).
  • Celebration combo pack 59 includes almond Rose petals, almond magic masala, cashew Italian herbs, Cashew Pudina chilli, ginger awla, gur chana, flax seeds and quinao wasabi. We will deliver this lovely package at your doorsteps only from prime Dry Fruits Corporate Gifting India.
  • Celebration combo pack 60 includes almond Rose petals, kishmish Rose petals, cashew pudinna chilli, cashew Italian herbs, kishmish paan, kishmish kala khatta, cherry tomato, mango dice, pineapple coins and kiwi. This package will cost you rupees 1975.
  • Celebration combo pack 61 is available for rupees 920. This combo includes cashew jalepeno in a packing of 80 grams, almond honey til worth 70 grams and kishmish mango worth 90 grams.
  • Celebration combo pack 62 is being offered at rupees 1555 only. Types of products that we include in this combo are cashew cracker of 120 grams, almond honey til of 110 grams, almond Peri peri of 110 grams and cashew pudina chilli of 75 grams.
  • Celebration combo pack 63 is available for rupees 2050. It includes Almond Rose petals of 140 grams, cashew pudina chilli, cashew Italian herbs, kishmish paan, kishmish kaala khatta and you can get it from us as we provide the high-quality Dry Fruits Corporate Gifting India.

These were celebration combo packs that Fuzion Foodz offers at very feasible prices. Do at least try once at our combos. These are designed only for consumer’s ease and benefits and of course, these are more pocket friendly than buying individual products.

So, yes! These are the products that we offer, sub-divided into five main categories that are Superfoods, mouth fresheners, digestives, coated dry fruits and gifting combos. With Fuzion Foodz you can buy dehydrated fruits online in India, buy flavoured seeds online in India, buy dried fruits online in India, and buy churan online in India. Every product is manufactured keeping in mind the quality standards and the hygiene standards of national as well as international boards. We provide you best service at your doorsteps at the most affordable prices. Try our products at least once and I bet you’re coming back for sure. Because, no one else can provide you such balanced nutrition, best quality products, the most feasible prices and that too at your door step. So, must have a try at our products and let us know what you actually feel.