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Fuzion foodz provides you with the best Churan Digestives Manufacturer in India. All the Ingredients are handpicked directly from the farmers to ensure best quality. We offer you these digestives at a very affordable price. We ensure better immune system and tasty digestives on the same side. Our Churan Digestives Manufacturer in India is further divided into this named as candies and churan.

  • The first category, as mentioned above, is candies by the best churan digestives manufacturer in India. The best product we have in this category is called jelly candies. These are the best for sugar cravings after any meal. These jelly candies are available at a price of rupees 110 in a package of 200 grams. Major ingredients used in these are liquid glucose, fruit pectin, citric acid, permitted synthetic food colors, and class.
  • The next category we have by Fuzion Foodz is dedicated to digestive churans. We have many variants in this category, all spiced up to lighten up your digestive choices.


churan digestives manufacturer in india,


  • The very first product we have is anardana goli. Indian spices are added up make to anardana. This product is available for rupees 75 in a package of 135 grams.
  • Beri ka ber is available at rupees 100. The net weight that we provide in this pack is 165 grams.
  • Chatpat amla is being exclusively offered for rupees 120 in a packing of 180 grams. No one is unaware of the innumerable benefits of amla. Amla boosts immunity, protects the body against infections, helps in hair growth and is the richest source of vitamin C. But this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on taste; we provide you with the best mouth-watering Amla churan, and you can also buy dehydrated fruits online in India.
  • Buy flavoured cashews online in India with Fuzion Foodz’s most affordable price of rupees 85.
  • Next, we have ginger awla For rupees 105 only in packing of 135grams by the best churan digestives manufacturer in India.
  • Guava lado is another variant of digestives In a flavor of guava At a price of rupees 100. The major health benefits it provides are a better immune system, hair growth, and you can also buy mukhwas online in India.
  • Hing peda digestive is available at rupees 85.
  • Next, we have imli ka boota, a flavored variant of tamarind (imli) pulp. This is available at rupees 75.
  • Jaljeera goli Is being offered at rupees 100 in a packing of 165 grams. Jira, red chilli, black pepper, and black salt are the main ingredients used in this.
  • Jeera wait, available at rupees 80 in a packing of 155 grams, is a blended mixture of jeera.
  • Kachi Keri ladoo is another variant of digestive churan with a flavoured ingredient of kachi keri. It is being offered to you at a price of rupees 80 In packing of 135 grams.
  • Kharak teekha are the dry dates sprinkled with dry mango powder and coriander. This product is exclusively available by Fuzion Foodz, a leading name for churan digestives manufacturer in India for rupees 105.


churan digestives manufacturer in india
  • Next, we have mango chaplam for rupees 110. This churan is flavored with mango naturals and artificials.
  • The most mouth-watering digestive by the best churan digestives manufacturer in India product range is Mango slice. Mango slices are spiced up with piper longum, black pepper, Mangifera indica pulp, and other Indian spices. This is being delivered to your doorsteps at a very affordable price of rupees 75 only.
  • Methi pachak is available at rupees 80 in packing of 145 grams.
  • Mix fruit blast is a unique product in the digestives category that Fuzion foodz offers. These are small candies consisting of various permitted flavors and colors. This product is available at a nominal rate of rupees 80 only.
  • Remix blast consists of major ingredients, including sweetened Rose petal paste, cumin seed powder, dried mango powder, and other Indian spices. This is available for rupees 110, and you can buy dried fruits online in India.
  • Other variants that we offer are sweet amla, sweet mango, and teekha amla, and if you want to explore our more range, you must buy flavoured almonds online in India.