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We are the best Mouth Freshener Manufacturer in India to fresh your mouth and mind. These mouth fresheners come with delicious flavours. These are the perfect variants for sweet cravings after full-fledged food time. We have meethi manuhar, paans, saunf and silvers in this category at a very affordable price to be delivered to your doorstep.

Fuzion Foodz – Mukhwas Manufacturer in India, We Deal in a Wide Range of Mouth Freshener – Mukhwas Products.

  • Our first category in mouth refreshers is Meethi Manuhar. This has three variants of sweet refreshers named kesar mishri, khus mishri and rose mishri. The first product, kesar mishri, is a fusion of Sugar and saffron flavour. On the other hand, khus mishri is a fused version of sugar and khus flavour to refresh your mood as we are the best mouth fresheners – mukhwas manufacturer in India. Rose mishri is a blend of rose flavour with amazing fragrance.
  • Paans are the most famous category under mouth refreshers. We have Calcutta paan, chocolate paan, dry paan and paan ladoo. We have the most varieties of paan refreshers. The most famous paan of Calcutta is available for rupees 105 only. The tastiest paan of our collection is chocolate paan dipped in pure chocolate and is available for rupees 140 only. Another type of paan that we have is a dry pan at an affordable price of rupees 105 only as we are the best – mukhwas mouth freshener manufacturer in India. Paan ladoo contains betel nut, coconut powder and is available at the price of rupees 180 only.


Fuzion Foodz- Mouth Freshners manufacturer in India
  • Nex,t we have saunf mouth refreshers. This category has a wide range of varieties. Let’s have a quick outlook on our collection as we are the leading mouth fresheners – mukhwas manufacturer in India.
  • Chips supari is available for rupees 70 only containing sugar supari and saccharin as its main ingredients.
  • Kesar laccha supari is available at all the fixed price of rupees 70.
  • Chennai mixed saunf is offered to you at rupees 85. Buy flavoured seeds online in India as we are the leading mouth fresheners – mukhwas manufacturer in India.
  • Coated Dhana dal is a flavoured fusion to maintain taste and nutrition at equal levels. This costs rupees 80.
  • Desi saunf and green elaichi saunf are available at 95 rupees each.
  • Gujrati saunf and hariyali saunf are also provided at our place.
Fuzion Foodz- Mouth Freshners manufacturer in India
    • Ice cream saunf includes fennel seeds, coriander splits, sesame seeds and added sugar. It is the tastiest product of mouth refreshers range. It is available at a price of rupees 115.
    • Other varieties of mouth refreshers include nut mocktail, masala orange saunf, nawabi saunf, paan churi saunf. And you can also buy dried fruits online in India from Fusion Foodz.
    • We have a royal range of saunf available with us. This range includes Rajwadi saunf, rimjhim saunf, jodhpuri saunf, and vadodara saunf.
    • Mouth refreshers as silvers include golden elaichi, silver hari elaichi, silver khus supari, silver railli and silver saunf.
    • Golden elachi is rich in antioxidants and helps in overcoming digestive problems. This is available for rupees 255 only.
    • Silver hari elachi contains cancer-fighting compounds and has numerous benefits to protect your body from chronic diseases. This is offered to your doorsteps add rupees 280 only.
    • Silver khus supari contains betel nut, acacia gum and silver layer with a khus flavour. This is Available at rupees 190 only.
    • Silver rasilli is another variant in this category. This costs rupees 130 only.
    • Buy dried fruits online in India at affordable prices as we are renowned mouth fresheners – mukhwas manufacturer in India.

    Last but not least,t we have silvers saunf, rich in antioxidants and helps fight cancer compounds. It is available for rupees 280 only.